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Detailed description

Stunning very low mileage 2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG presented in unmarked Alabaster white with just 24,887 miles from new and one previous fastidious Japanese owner.Handpicked Grade 4.5 example,highest grade possible for a 2005 model year and complete with a full service history file and all books,manuals,two original Mercedes key fobs etc Fitted with desirable Lorinser RSK6 alloys(standard OE wheel/tyre package available) this E55 AMG represents the best of the breed..

The W211 E55 AMG will be remembered as one of the great super saloons produced by Mercedes AMG and at the time of its release was a real game changer.A well respected UK motoring magazine wrote..."massive power, pace and noise,but at a price.A super-saloon of exceptional ability,good enough to shade the best in class — just.." A sales success the W211 E55 AMG  was originally launched in 2003 and continues to have a strong enthusiast following worldwide and with the best pristine low mileage un-worn examples such as this starting to become rare we are delighted to offer this exceptional example for sale.

After inspecting eight E55's in total for potential UK stock this example was by far and away the cleanest with both body and mechanicals scoring top marks!Exterior paint condition can only be honestly described as new and unmarked! this example has been detailed and recieved ceramic paint protection by Car Beauty Pro Japan,one of Japans top detailers,hard to believe this car is now 13 years old given how factory fresh its exterior patina is,Interior looks,feels and smells near new and is a non smoker example,rear seats look like they’ve never been sat in.We also noted the boot area is fitted with a genuine Mercedes plastic overmat and carpet underneath is unmarked and as new.All original tools,warning triangle etc are present and correct.A Panasonic double din hifi system is fitted with intergrated rear reversing camera.

The car comes with a superb history file with services carried out at:

2,995 miles

3,833 miles

4,535 miles

6,925 miles

12,311 miles

17,832 miles

20,172 miles

22,547 miles

23,809 miles

24,850 miles (JT UK)

Engine bay is as expected for such a low mileage example being extremely clean and free of corrosion with no oil leaks present.With engine undertrays removed the engine underside is completely bone dry with no leaks and an as new factory appearance,we use a very picky local MOT garage for all our vehicles and they simply could'nt believe this was a 2005 model year example given its condition underneath.We noted upon close inspection the brake discs all round show hardly no wear with at least 8mm of brake pad left.It’s quite evident that this example has’nt been driven hard.Condition underneath is near new with all suspension components looking clean and fresh with just a light dust coating from normal use,this example was originally supplied new in Tokyo,Japan and has seen no salt during its life and underside condition truly reflects this!

Test drive reports no faults as expected for a very low miles E55 AMG,the supercharged M113 engine is smooth with an instant and potent response when needed,worth noting the supercharger fitted to the 2005 models and onwards is the later 580 series supercharger capable of handling more boost reliably if a higher power level is desired.The 722.6 automatic gearbox is beautifully slick in all modes and the suspension feels tight and un-worn with no rattles or noises,just as a low miles example should do.Costing upwards of 70k when new minus options and Lorinser wheel package this supersaloon now offers incredible value given the performance on offer..

Being genuine Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts we only buy the best historied examples and inspect very carefully to our exacting standards so you can be assured of getting a top quality car.Viewing highly recommended!

Priced at £20,995 to inc 12 months MOT,3 months warranty.Fully synthetic oil/filter & airfilter service plus PDI and JT's high level of care and preperation

2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG,24,887 miles                                                                                                          Price £20,995 OTR